AI2 App crashed immediately on App startuo in Samsung Andriod phone

While i had my AI2 App running well a few days ago, when I went to start it up using the Scan QR Code (or entering the code manually for that matter) the app tries to load and the screen loads for about 500ms and then terminates with an error message that states "undefined" as shown in the attached png file. This situation occurs when the Companion "Compile/Transfer hits about the 20% point.
I am wondering if something was corrupted on either the Addroid phone o in the online app. I did re-uninstall and re-install the app on my phone. Not sure what to try next.

Larry Coates

Larry Coates

Components used? extensions used? does companion work for a newly made project without any components or extensions

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Export your .aia file and upload it here.

The image is missing Larry but ABG has offered to take a look at your Project file - grab that opportunity with both hands!