AI2 access problem

I had problems with my PC and I'm using another one. I logged into ai2 using the same userid but maybe I made a mistake with the password. now ai2 opens but with the new userid so I can't find my old projects. I deleted the userid from ai2 but it reappears. Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me, please don't change the account in anything.

While the account should be deleted (it has no projects), Thanks

I submitted this request a few days ago. Normally you reply to me after a few hours while here no response. What's wrong with it?
I would just like that when I open Appinventor it doesn't open with the [email removed] account but with [email removed]. What should I do?

Your thread has been assigned to @Susan_Lane , just be patient until you get feedback from her


What happens when you do this?

Hmm. I can delete, but if it has no projects anyway, you can delete it as easily as I can using the menu option you should see in @ABG 's video.

That probably won't fix your problem, though. What you have to do is log out of the Google account and log back into the old one. We are just using integrated login with Google, so we'll use whichever account you are already logged into.

You should be able to log out of Google by going to

Naturally I did as you suggest but as I try to access again it force again the same account. I did several times.

I'll try to logout and change the account. I let you know what happens. Thanks.

OK I did the logout procedure and finally I logged into appinventor with and now I can use my projects. Thanks.

Great news! I'm glad it worked out.

I can't change accounts. Is this a problem?

If I understand your request correctly, yes, in appinventor I couldn't change my account even by deleting it. I had to follow Susan_Lane's suggestion to log in to Google ( and from there delete and change account. Then I was able to log in to appinventor with the account I wanted.

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@renato is right. We don't have our own accounts. We attach projects to whatever Google account you're logged into.