AI Image Generator - Always Error | Save Image Taifun File Not Clear

Hello, I am creating an AI image generator app with a personal API key which I have downloaded legal from OpenAI. I use the OpenAI Extension from Gordon Lu. The problem is, that I always, if I want to draw an image with my text prompt, the error block and the Site Title Label for the error block sends an error and does not create an image. Could someone please have a look at my blocks?

The other problem is, that I have no idea how can I download this AI image (when generated) with Taifun's File extension. Could someone also please help with this? This would be great. Thank you very much.

It could be, that the error of the image generator occurs, because the OpenAI server is overloaded by users, I do not know, it is a free API. Thanks!


Here are the blocks:

  1. If you had read Gordon's extension topic, you would have seen that the Generate Image function is outdated, and no longer working (until he fixes it)
  2. You cannot use Taifun's file extension to download images, you use the web component to do that.
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Dear TIMAI2, Thank you for your help. Sorry, I have not seen, that it is outdated. The app should only serve myself with images to generate.

How can I download an image with the web component, please? I do not understand this.

Thank you! Have a great day! Martina