AI Image Generation using API

It is Giving Logo In 1024x1024 But Use High Pixels to Get no logo To true

I edited the subject accordingly

I have Figured how to get no logo Image See Here
Image 2
use seed 42 with no logo True to Get Image without Watermark.
Hey @Ramon and @Patryk_F Please Test

I also put the ability to share the image and every time, with a different image, it sends the same one. Which is a lion on some rocks

Can the image it displays be saved?

You can display an image in canvas and then save it, canvas offers this possibility. Perhaps you can also save the file using the web component and the get method.

Hm, I've tried a few times I thought I could do it, I couldn't get it to save them, just sharing them, but every time I go to share whatever image I asked for, it keeps sending this one here for every image I asked.

I don't know how to do it, I made some attempts that I thought I could do it. But...

there is a default component called Imagebot in MIT app inventor. What is the additional feature in this extension other then the default one.

The ImageBot component uses another API.

Hey! I'm one of the devs behind Let us know if you need any help/specific functionality.


The image size is currently capped like this:

const maxPixels = 1024 * 1024;

  // if we exaggerate with the dimensions, cool things down a  little
  // maintaining aspect ratio
  if (width * height > maxPixels) {
    const ratio = Math.sqrt(maxPixels / (width * height));
    width = Math.floor(width * ratio);
    height = Math.floor(height * ratio);

So for example you can do 1024x1024, 768x768. If you go above it will scale down according to the maximum pixels. So you can do 2048x512. if you do 4096x1024 it will go down to 2048x512.

We could relax those limits a little but at some point to not run out of memory we need a maximum size.

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The nologo=true parameter was getting a small syntax change. Sorry, we don't have any real place with updated documentation.

In case you use Discord we have a community where we are trying to actively respond too: pollinations

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So now there is a nologo = yes instead of nologo = true?

To give the whole context: We wanted to make the nologo parameter require a sort of password that changes once in a while. So we get people to check in with our community. But I see now that this is annoying for use cases like yours.

Until I think about a better permanent solution I've allowed nologo=true again:


It looks like the ImageBot component requires the user to pay and subscribe to OpenAI's API and provide an OpenAI API key.

We created the Pollinations image URL to make image generation more easily accessible.

I was just thinking in the context of the app inventor it may be best to enable some quite strict NSFW filtering in our image API. We currently have that functionality behind a flag. The model at least in theory allows you to generate nudity if the user provides that kind of prompt.

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You can Block It. First verify The Content By Gpt-3 and Then Give image if it is not and If it is Then Give red flag. Vote Should I Add It Or no