AI Emulator for Email app

Hi i wanted to ask does this screenshot of the Emulator mean that the email is getting processed to be send or is not working? If not how do i make it work.


Here is my blocks

The ActivityStarter does work in the emulator. Try to test with a real device and companion

Well everytime i test this out on my iphone it gives me this error "No corresponding activity was found".

But when i test it on the emulator it gives me an option to process information but i dont know if thats actually sending the email or what is wrong.

Somethings don't work in ios yet.

Edit.... oh i see you only use things that should work.

Yeah i want it to work cuz this is for my assignment that i need to submit on Wednesday.

Change extra value to DataUri and it will work



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Well i did that but it is still showing the same error. Not too sure what to do?

Testing on IOS or android ? For me works great with companion and as apk on android

Can i just see a screenshot that it works for you? And i am testing this on IOS.

So yeah i dont know what to do

Testing with companion

If send an eMail with the Gmail client doesn't work for you maybe you could try another solution. See

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor provided by Pura Vida Apps

Right it does work. Have you test it out on my code?

Using your blocks(set ActivityStarter.ExtraValue instead of set ActivityStarter.DataUri) on android gives 601 error No corresponding activity was found. Don't have an ios device to check if it works or not. Maybe another user can test it

1 - the stock emulator cannot send email messages using ActivityStarter.
2 - use an ActivityStarter on an Android and the tool can be used to send an email.
3 - at the present time, the ActivityStarter cannot be used to send an email using the ios Companion.

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