AI Companion not working - iOS 15.0

I am trying to use the AI companion for iOS on my IPhone XS with iOS 15.0.
When I scan the Qr-Code, the correct code is importet into the app, but nothing happens.
In my browser, the Qr-Code window disappeares and after a few seconds an error message is displayed stating: "Companion Connection Error: See Connection Help".
I am using the latest chrome browser with Windows 10 and the Companion with Version 2.60 (build 8).
The app I am trying to connect to is an empty project.
It works without any errors when I use an android phone and the ai companion

Hi @Scqm,

Are both devices on the same network (such as a home network)? If it's a school network, have you confirmed with your IT department that port 8004 is open for communication between the two devices?

Hello @ewpatton,
both devices are in the same network, I am using app inventor at work for an internship project.
I will check with the IT department about port 8004, thank you for your answer.

You may also want to check your Chrome version. Chrome 94 may affect connectivity to the iOS companion. We are investigating.