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Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I've been dealing with this for several weeks now, My teacher provides ASUS tablets to use and I have to use those rather than my phone. I tested it on my partner's phone (Android) worked perfectly fine. All I'm saying is, Is it possible to fix this?

See this discussion. New "Special Window" - #24 by David_Weaks MIT is evaluating this behavior.

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this popup window can not be closed?

I click close but then the progress bar just remains at 10% Also if I click (Press this button) it puts it away in the top left of my screen and the loading bar stays at 10%

The window needs to stay open, but you can simply put it in the background. Clicking the "Press this button" button simply makes it small and moves it to the top left corner so it should be out of the way.

We're looking into why in some cases communication between the popup window and the App Inventor window seems to be blocked. In particular, if you can give us a list of browser extensions you currently have enabled we can cross-reference this with other users who reported the same issue to narrow down what could be interfering. You may also want to try incognito mode or a different browser to see if the connection works there.

besides all of these, there is a stop-motion animator. I am using a school computer as I am a student. perhaps the securly (extension to block websites) could be hurting it?

It's possible but I am not familiar with how that extension works.

In one classroom we have worked with some students were affected by a policy but not others, However, affected students were able to use guest accounts in Chrome to access App Inventor and connect successfully.

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