AI Companion can't connect

i'm restart my computer reinstall application but can't connect i want to know how to fix this problem

I just checked and the connection works fine. You can also try to check "Use Legacy Connection" before scanning the code. There are also possible problems with your internet or firewall.

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Hello bambam

  1. Create a very simple 'Hello World' Project with a single label on Screen1. Test: does that work with the Companion? If it does then:

  2. Try building an APK of the App that fails the Companion. That might tell us why the Companion cannot load your App.

Build APK

i should try with another browser?

Hi - is that Microsoft Edge you are using? If so, use FireFox instead.

So the Hello World App works with Companion - you didn't build an APK of your main App?

This is Chrome. Chrome works fine for me. I think it's some local connection blocking issue.

Thanks i can build my app if i want to test i will build an APK because i can't connect Companion

...ensure you use Firefox or Chrome though, Edge is not approved for use with App Inventor (nor is Opera).

i try to use firefox it's connected thanks.

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hey Microsoft edge is working fine for me

How do you judge that Alireza? Have you used every component and every block available?

It's a matter of compatibility with the programming languages that the MIT team use and their system servers. Firefox and Chrome are proven.


I've been looking for an opportunity to use this graphic.

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Recently I use Edge as my main browser it working good with MITAI Companion.

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i switched from chrome to edge long time ago
it has no problem with ai2 companion and it has very good RAM management

Can you explain why the Project in this post fails with Edge and works with Firefox?

she/he is using chrome😂

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I have been informed :grin:

That doesn't mean using Edge is a good idea.........

edge is using chromium so there's no difference between chrome and edge😁