AI 2 is not working on iOS

The ipads we're using have version 2.64 Build 2 on them. When we try to connect through either scanning the QR code or connecting with code nothing will happen with the app. When I say nothing I mean literally nothing will happen the code will just sit in the textbox and the buttons will have animations that they are being pressed, but no error or loading screen will display.

We have tried switching Wifi connections to others we have access to, but we still have no luck.

Hello @Josh_Wrzesinski ,

If it's the case that the QR code never disappears in the browser, this means that either the phone or the computer (or both) is able to reach, which is the server that allows the phone and computer to establish a connection using the QR code. If you plug this address into the browser on both devices it should come back with a simple webpage saying that the server is up. If not, you probably need to talk to your school IT about whitelisting that domain.