Age restrictions

I'm so new at this and so stuck. i have the date picker up but I'm stuck which age goes first and i don't know if i did it right. i have two sets

first i started with( will make list) hope you understand pray

when screen 1 initialize do
set label 4. text to
day picker day
empty box
date picker monthintext
empty box
date picker year
another set of set label 4 and duplicated

i didn't put true or false on any of it and i cant set the dates for age restrictions did i mess up the buttons? did i forget a step? i can do the math but where do i put it? In the empty boxes or what cause then i cant put year ???

please help and sorry for the long message and i hope someone can understand me

sorry I am not.
please explain what you want to do and how you did? upload a image of your blocks maybe help.

Pull in the Clock component from the Designer Sensor drawer.

It has all the good blocks for formatting Instants.

I like the Format Date Time block especially, along with the Duration blocks for time between Instants .

see i dont understand which date goes first todays date or the other date

Here is my demo for age restriction, I hope it can help you.
AgeRestrictionDemo.aia (4.9 KB)