Age Limit and more FAQs

Hello there! I was wondering if there is an age requirement to participate in the MIT Annual Appathon. Additionally, is there a specific category that participants must create their app based on each year? I have a few more questions - is it necessary to include an icon when submitting your app? Lastly, will participants receive certificates or any proof of winning the award? Thank you for your help!

you can find the answers to your questions here


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I can't find a solution to her/his question of the award on that page, @Taifun

There is no minimum age to participate, but anyone under the age of 18 must provide a parent's email address and the parent must complete a consent form before the person is considered registered.

Okay, thanks

in the FAQ | MIT App Inventor Summer Appathon you can find

Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes. Everyone who submits a completed app to the Appathon will receive a certificate of participation. Winners will be given separate documents to indicate their placement. The judges reserve the right to also identify honorable mentions for apps.