After the recent releases 3 blocks out of 2189 are broken,either after compiling or when using the wi-fi method of connection

There is a problem after the new releases, a program of 2189 blocks without any warnings or error was working fine on adroind tablet and phone, either after compiling and installed on the adroind device or when it was tested using the installed software on the computer for usb connection. After the new releases I try the same programm, but it works only while testing it using the usb connection method. When I compile it and install in the same adroind device 3 blocks do not execute. The same problem when it is tested using the wi-fi connection. The blocks that donot execute are three components

.Similar 3 other components, for three other 'ListView' work. How this problem iw resolved ?

The ListView component is broken on Why don't you try using the test server at, as there are multiple fixes for it being tested on there?
Edit: You can export your .aia of your project and import it into the test server.

Thanks for your reply. The program is not running at all at the test server, it crashes. Anyway, I had to restructure some blocks, disabled the 3 not working blocks, made necessary chages in the code of the other blocks and got the whole thing working. The problem is that some ListView , when...after picking, blocks execute their code, but some others don't. I have a feeling that some combination of them causes the problem. The problem appeared after the new releases in late August. Running the program with usb connection and sofware instalation in the pc from last March there is no problem, but it is not working when it is built, compiled, and installed in the phone. Same problem was with AI companion wi-fi connection. Finally, I resolved it disabling the not working ListView components and modifing code in other blocks . Any information if they are aware about the ListView component problem?

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did you try a search in the community for ListView? see here


AI2Offline may be useful in your situation, give a look at
It is useful because you can install several releases and manage these type of situations. The problem is that the mantainer often deletes the older releases fro the repository but at least you may ask him for help. I have downloaded some of them but not everyone, if you may identify or remember the release you want I may check if I have it.

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Thanks. I had to disable the not working blocks ofListView blocks and modify some code to get it working. I wiil keep your information for any failure in the future

Thanks. As I see it is a common problem with the ListView Component, after the new releases. I think when more than one listview is used in the same block, then only one will be working well. Anyway, I had to disable what ever was not working and modify some of the rest of the blocks to get it working. I am so nostalgic of the old days, that I could use just an assembly language, you had to depend only on yourself.