After Screen2 initialize nothing is displayed

BMI_version_1.aia (3.6 KB)
I wrote a program about calculate BMI . Screen1 contains the input data of the height and weight.

I use the AI companion and load it to my iphone.(Version 2.64.1(build 9)
After clicking the Calculate button in Screen1, it should open Screen2 and pass the start value to Screen2. However, nothing display in Screen2.
But the code works fine in my Android phone.

Hello Mak Mang Tao - welcome to the forum.

One would have to say that everything would fit comfortably on Screen1, so it would be considered bad practice to have another Screen.

Is this school homework? We often ask this question before giving technical answers as it's not right to do the homework for you - but we can hint at what causes the issue. However, using one Screen, there is no issue.

What version iOS does your iPhone have? I note that you are testing in the Emulator, which may be the issue - the one for Android has a lot of issues.

I am using iOS Version 16.3.1 I did not use the Emulator for testing. Actually I use the App Inventor 2 App Version: 2.64.1(build 9) to run my App. The App works fine for the Android phone but it does not work properly on my iPhone. The problem is when Screen2 is initialized , there is nothing display on Screen2.

It may also be that this feature hasn't been ported from android to ios yet. The ios version is not finished yet.

Do a test and try to transfer the simplest data between screens. Any single number.

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In Screen1, I passed the data as startValue from the textbox.

In Screen2, the code is as follows:
Still , when Screen2 initialize, nothing happened

I think the main problem is the variable start value in Screen1 , it cannot pass it to Screen2.

It's possible this could be a regression of some kind. I had implemented those blocks for iOS quite a while ago (opening screens was done as early as late 2016; accessing the start values was early 2018).

We've reproduced the problem, and we have it as a priority to fix. Thanks for your patience.

May I ask whether there is a solution for that yet?

Any progress about fixing the problem? Thanks

There is a fix available in the beta version of App Inventor for iOS available on TestFlight: