After reading from csv file into list, index begins with [" and ends with "]

Hey everybody,

I have some trouble with the "list from csv table" thing.

I try to read a CSV from google drive (works fine). This is the output ("responseContent") format from .GotText:

Exactly what I expect.

But now I put the output to list from csv table and now it looks:


2022-01-08 16_42_50-MIT App Inventor

Do some body have an idea why this happens?

Oh I got it...

I thought that the output from the "list from csv table" are strings per row, but it seems that this are lists per every row with an item for each value...

So know it works.

This would work better if you used commas ( , ) instead of semicolons ( ; ) and left off the trailing semicolon.

The C in CSV stands for Comma, as in Comma Separated Values.


Ah, I understant.

It was what Excel gave me.


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