After choose a picture

i am entering to my gallery and after choose a photo , mit program is interrupted by itself and close


Which device are you using? Did you build the APK file or did you use the Companion app? For me, it is working fine.

I am using companion and before it didn't do that
My type of phone is Nova 2 plus, it isnt ancient

Is that an Android 7?

No Android 8

Try running your blocks using Do It.

  1. Connect your project to the companion app.

  2. Select an image using the ImagePicker on your phone.

  3. Right-click the block ImagePicker1.Selection.

  4. Select image in the drop down.

  5. See the new comment.

As you can see, it is working for me on the companion app.


example : if i select first photo and i click right sembol above , after click ıt , The program is interrupted
look here

That's strange. See if a search in the community helps you.



i used my second phone , I discovered something
When I choose on my first device , first i must to choose a photo " i am clicking on photo " then i clicked right sign , and it is interrupted , but on my second telefon ,there is not right sign , only you click one time in photo and it worked correctly

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but how can i solve this problem , if we have 2 type of phone
first type need 1 click to select and the second type 1 click to enter in photo and one righ sign to select it

I think it's probably a bug. That's all I know.

if i want to select the photo from file , how can i do that , how can call file in phone to open
maybe 1 click only on all phone to select a photo

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@JEWEL 's File Picker extension picks files from your device's storage. Although it might take more than 1 click, give it a try.



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I suggest you better use the activity starter component to pick an image

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You can use this to pick files (including images) from the SD card:


Try this:

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ıt worked correctly but how can save ıt even ıf ı exit from application

Save what?

Maybe this:

i will try it , if i am doing a application , do i need to use firebase or tinydatabase?
can i connect user picture with his username in firebase ?how