Advice on creating an App like this. Would it be viable to create it using App Inventor?

The app is supposed to be a platform where people can trade books, so every user will have a list of books they already have and another list of books they want. Our original plan was for the user to be able to send out trade solicitations to other users, but another possible solution is to make a chat tab.

That's where the app is right now.

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Some ideas

Yes it can be created.

Nice! How would you handle the trade requests?

Thank you

Think! What should my app flow look like? How would I like it to be?:

  1. I log in to the app (username and password or any other method).

  2. He asks me to enter the books I have to exchange, with about 5 photos per book (check their condition)

  3. When my list is complete, it is automatically added to a book pool (where all the books of all users are).

  4. It takes me to the main page where all the books and their search filters are listed.

  5. I search or browse which book I like and click

  6. It takes me to the screen where it shows me the photos of its condition and a brief description of the book.

  7. Let's say I like the book and I want to see if I'm lucky and exchange it for me.

  8. A button that says "Are you feeling lucky jerk?" It automatically sends a message to the user saying "there's a jerk who wants your book and claims to have the one you're looking for."

  9. The user gain acces to your personal list of books, and see what you have to trade.

  10. If he/she/it found (After viewing your book list), a spinner should have the options:

  • You're lucky, jerk! I was just looking for one of the books you have.

  • Sorry jerk, my books are too much for a profane mortal like you, good luck for the next one.

And send the message to contact with the other user, for trade books.

  1. There you take advantage, give him a false address of your house and guide him/her to a dark alley, where you steal the book and sell his/her organs to traffickers.

You can also remember to go to his house and trade it there, then you take advantage and loot everything! Then you sell the organs.

Most of the time (as a programmer) these variables are not taken into account, such as the security and integrity of personal data, as well as computing.

Only the functional matters.

It's not a matter of coming in and making an app where everyone interacts thinking that they are all good people.

In my country there are hundreds of these cases; deliveries, exchanges, trips, lodging, etc.

It is always good to think about the consequences of possible abuses by ill-intentioned people.

My idea is not to scare you, but to take into account those things that no one takes and look for the best procedure for your tool.

Thanks, that was really helpful. I already got the login/signin part done in firebase, but I don't know how i would structure the used books in the database and how i would link the list of used books with every user/account. Do you have suggestions on how to do this?

Also, I had thought about the security issues before too, but this app would be more of a demonstration/practice than a tool that would be used in real life.

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Good, that's a very good start point.

For that you need a database, and the structure, if it's a demo, you can use firebase to.

There's a lot of database and types (Graphql, Documents, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Etc.)

For muy projects i use Supabase (PostgreSQL).

To/for me it's "the best" choice.

Take a look and replay

Remember what i say before.

Don't use as production App

Great, I used supabase in a project I made using react native once but I don't remember much of it. Do you think it would be easy to integrate the supabase database and the firebase with the login information?

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Yes! There's a YouTube tutorial from supabase team.

I recomend the use of RPC (Remote Procedure Call) to CRUD the data.