Advent Calendar - Ai1 to ai2 converter

Hey to you have an idea how to convert an ai1 project -(which is an zip file) to a ai2 project ?
PS: to you guys maybe have a templete for a advent calender :)?

Hello :slight_smile:
does someone of you have a Advent Calander App and want to share it :slight_smile: i found some zip file which is supposed to be a advent calender and I just renamed it to .aia but it only shows the design, the block is empty :frowning:
i hope someone can help me
thank you

Since your questions are related i merged them.

This AI1 to AI2 converter used to work . The link to the converter no longer works...sorry

You may have to find another tutorial in App Inventor 2 Blocks or use the advice in these posts from the old forum to convert your AI1 blocks to Ai2 equivalent blocks manually if you have a copy of the original Advent calendar tutorial: strong text

Seems that:

is dead...

Here is a simple framework for an Advent Calendar.

Use the blocks that calculate the number of days til Christmas to create your own personalized calendar.

Be creative, show a different image on each count down day or make a grid with 24 slots and display an image in each slot after the count day arrives (show all the previous days as an image and the remaining as a place holder). The Blocks to do this are not included.

What can you do @Giftwolke

and here is a little image reveal routine for a canvas

Clock set to 25 millis

thank you very much :slight_smile: , yeah thats pretty much what i want. 24 slots and when its the right day you can open it and it will appear an big picture im just a programming noob but ill try to use this framework somehow :smiley: thank you

Thats rly cool thank you :), is there a way to make it like 24 slots on one windows and when i click one each it apears a full size picture instead ? do i have to use 24 extra screens for my idea ^^?

No, just replace the background image on the canvas each day.

idk im to stupid it doesnt came out like yours :sweat_smile:

Try this example Advent Calendar - a framework to build you own personalized calendar