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Hello, I have been looking for the admob extension for both banner and intertiscial and the one I found gives me an error in the app, it makes me exit the screen...who knows the correct aix connector for banner and intertiscial...since I have this extension from github and I don't know how to transform the zip in aix.
![zip at aix|
zip at aix

What extension are you using? Jewel's AdMob extension or Oseamiya's AdMob version?

The free AdMob extension's AIX file can be found here.

The thing is simple, if you are using AdMob extensions developed by me, then you don't need EnhanceConnector extension. All you need is AdMobSdk extension, AdFormat extension, An extension where you place your AdMob app id and if you are using mediation then particular mediation extension.

Video Guide On Integrating Admob -

Video Guide On Integrating Facebook Ad Network (Using Admob Mediation) -

If you are still getting any error then you can report it by replying on the original post of the extension. Basically, each AdFormat extension has a OnError event block, which help you to find the error.

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hello, do all your steps, I enclose the assembly of blocks and the errors for each screen, in which I am making a mistake.
Just the ad sivre by clicking a button, ? does not work when the screen starts automatically?

Also, I don't think banner size's height can be upto 505. And in Screen2, you should first load the banner ad before showing the loaded banner.

You have placed everything incorrectly. Better read the documentation carefully!!

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[quote="[Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application, post:29, topic:45216"]
Did you added AdmobSdk extension ? AdmobSdk extension fulfill the requirement of this manifest. See : Also, This extension doesn't work with companion as companion app don't have required manifest. You should compile the application to see the result.

ye i do

I wanted to replace the interstitial with that measure 505x 320, which is the maximum format of the app inventor, but I will respect the assembly to see if it works, the question is only the function by clicking on the button or it can be initialized on the screen


Hello, from the beginning I set it up like this with the difference of taking advantage of the two banners above and below plus the banner disguised as interstitial, that's why the 505 x 320 could be the error, I corrected everything and even put a button to execute the banner as You raise, and even so it didn't work for me!... I had to remove everything, I was left with interstitial for each enhance screen. co at least knowing that if it works ... there is no ad provider that facilitates the 3 instances in a clear and simple way. aix / web setup / blocks.
for both banner and intertiscial at least then there is more variety of ads. In short, I stayed as before since adcolony still does not let me enter the account having verified and validated. buuahh thank you for your intention to help

my application was already published, with intertiscial only from enhance

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Wait a minute, where did you get those blocks from? The admob.aix connector doesn't have them!

That is in the AdmobInterstitital extension and you didn't download it. Check again.

You are not trying to understand anything.

Now what is this admob aix connector ?

Try to read the documentation of extension and then ask the question, better.

How do you know if it is your problem or the extension's problem? Read the documentation, watch the The Coding Bus video in the topic (also do not forget @oseamiya's correction of one part in the video), and you should be set.

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