Admob Extension - After integration the app closes when installed


I tried admob and I watched the video from the developer of this admob extension and I think, I did everything right. But the app closes when I will install and open it. The error message appears and says, that the app is closed. I cannot open the app. The app with the banner data is in admob under review. What did I wrong, please? I will try to attach the extension I have created. The banner should appear in a horizontal arrangement. In my app is also a link to my google play apps and to my Kindle ebook editions. Does this disturb? Thank you! Martina

KatzennamenFinder.aix (6,1 KB)

I think there is bug in a extension beacuse it's also not working on mine

Hello Majkerrr, Thank you. These are sad news. I activated extra my admob account for this. Does Taifun have such an admob extension perhaps? If such a working extension would be premium and not too expensive I also would be ready to pay for it. Important is, that it works. Perhaps Taifun can answer this question? Thank you! Have a great day! Martina

im not sure for that previous message but you can try unity ads [Free] UnityAds - Integrate unity ads in your application

Ok Thank you very much!

Hello, Unfortunately, the UnityAds are asking for a Game ID when I activate it in AI2. So I think, it will not work for admob ads. I really hope to find a solution, because my premium apps are not selling. People are searching for free apps or my apps do not have enough functionality because of a lack of programming knowledge. I am searching for the problem. Thanks! Martina

idk if this will help you but if you want you can add english language to app so more users will be understanding


Hi all! Could someone else please share her or his experiences with this admob extension? I have also setup the test device in admob, but the error with the app which is closing when installed, still resists. The blocks are like in the posts before. I do not know, what I am doing wrong. But perhaps the reason is, that Google reviews the banner ad. I had to reactivate or to renew my admob account after closing the account. I will wait a day, but if someone sees a mistake in my programming, then please let me know. Thank you! Martina

What about providing a link to the extension, so the author of the extension can help?