Adding text box information to a list picker permanently using TinyDB1

Here is an image of what I have for the second page so far, all I want it to be be able to do is take what the user enters and then store it in the list picker. This works currently but I need it so that when I reopen the app that was added to the list picker is still there. Ive tried a bunch of things but this is my first app with MIT App Inventor so any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Try this

Isnt this a list view though, not a list picker. And thank you for your reply?

Corrected :slight_smile:

Again thank you for your help, but this isnt working, it comes up in the list picker after I enter it, but when the app is closed and reopened it isnt there anymore. Any further ideas with. Thanks in advance.

Works for me

I had a pre existing list though didnt I that had like, Pint can(330ml), and whiskey tumbler, how would this affect it?

If you wish post your aia to check it

This is the link im new to this so I dont know how to upload the aia file, if you say how to I can upload it. Thanks once again

Pump_time_control.aia (17.0 KB)

I found how to do it sorry

Try this

Pump_time_control1.aia (17.1 KB)

really stupid question but what app do you use to open .aia files?

Download aia to computer and then go to and just select import project (aia) from my computer :slight_smile:

Yes that worked, thank you so much, its been bugging me for like 2 days :slight_smile:

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Glad I could help

The Image shows what I have so far, I have it working that when the user enters the drink size it saves it and stores it in list picker, and is saved there after the app is closed down. What I would like some help on is that with this setup I can only and 1 size and every time a new size is entered it overrides the previous input instead of just adding a new value to the list picker.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Try this

Pump_time_control_2.aia (17.2 KB)

Thank you so much, you have helped me so much with this and I am very grateful, ur a credit to the community. :slight_smile:

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Use = blocks on the place of is empty