Adding sms sender id

Hi , i will like to add a sender id/ name to my sms app. How can I implement such . Pls respond as soon as possible. I will really appreciate. Thanks

Im sorry but why is no one responding to me ?

Be patient. No one on here is your slave.

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As for me, I only respond to questions I know enough to answer.

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what exactly is a sender id/name? Just some string inside the text you are sending?

I dont have google’s number stored on my phone but yet it showed that the sender id was Google . I want to be able to do that with my app . Fo you know any possible way i can implement that ?

This is used to open an app inventor app when sms is received . This extension was made to solve the issue of sms not entering the app when the app was closed so this extension automatically opens the app when sms is received. That is not what i am tryin to do ; I want to add an sms sender id . Just like the picture i sent previously. I dont have google’s number stored on my phone but yet it showed the message was from google and that was because i entered my number when signing in to my gmail account . That is exactly what i am trying to achieve with my app .Thank you but any other ideas ?

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Can someone pls answer me

In this Extension you can create a Sender ID :

the sender id protect the number to the sender and receiver? so you protect the number using ids?