Adding selected item into the Calendar in phone

Hi Everyone,

Do you know of an extension that will write a selected item to a calendar?

I have a MySQL database with a weekly schedule by day and I want to do a SQL SELECT to return the schedule for a particular day NOW() and make each item selectable and on select to insert the info to the calendar and set a reminder


Do you mean the Google Calendar ?
Do you mean a calendar you have setup or the user's own calendar ?

yes, the calendar that comes with the device.

I already use the activity starter to save a number into the phone and I think I need the same to set a calendar reminder

you didn't answer this?

You are using Kodular and ask questions in the MIT App Inventor community
Please always ask in the correct community!

The builders get more and more different and an answer in one community might not be the correct answer for the other community
Also you are wasting other people’s time… you don’t want that, do you?
Therefore next time please first choose the builder you like to use and then ask only in the corresponding community… thank you


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