Adding new components after user inputs data

Hello everyone, I'm working on an app where the user can create his own timetable. So the user has an empty screen with 5 days of the week (for example), when he presses "add" a menu with fill in form will be opened (pick day of the week, pick time, type the name of the class/activity and so on) and when he presses "save" On the main screen there will be displayed the info he filled in before in more convenient way and will be attached to the day of the week. So actually a user can fill in 5 forms for the same day. And every time he fills in the form a new component should be created. I don't understand how to add new components with the same pattern without creating them in app inventor in advance. I'll attach some pictures I found to have a better understanding of what I mean

I understand how to make it real with components made in advance in app inventor, but I just feel it's not efficient enough, like I cannot prepare 55 components for each day in advance

Use dynamic components


thank you, I'll check it

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