Adding item to the list deletes previous item added

Hello, when i add item to the list it deletes the item added before that. Maybe something is just wrong with my code. I dont know. Can somebody help me.

  1. TinyWebDb is not advised to be used. It is an experimental component and is very limited, according to the documentation. It is better to use another alternative, such as TinyDB or CloudDB.

  2. I don't think this is the full code. Upload your AIA file here.

Quiz_maker.aia (48.9 KB)
Here is the aia file. I made some changes tho.

I wouldn't be surprised if naming the List 'list' is an issue behind the scenes.
Anyway, it's good coding practice to give every component a meaningful name - but always retain the component type name e.g. Label_PickedValue_Scrn01, List_Names_Scrn01

When we have anomalies of this kind, it often has something to do with the data itself. In particular, hidden characters (non displayable characters) such as newline, carriage return, nul etc.

Do you maybe know how I can solve the issue?

How did the data get to TinyWebDb? Where did it come from originally (what OS)? If from a file, was it UTF-8 or other Unicode standard encoding? Such files have a hidden code right at the beginning to identify their format - a 'BOM' (Byte Order Mark). That's another hidden character that can cause issues - so before data is stored it may require 'cleaning'.

The data got into TinyWebDB on another screen, nothing special realy. The OS I am making app on is Windows 11.

Where does the data originate from?

Im sorry, but I dont know what you mean?


Im sorry, but it still isnt working.

The information stored in TinyWebDb. Where did it come from, how did you upload it?

Adding an item to a list does not delete the previous item.

In a simple form:

If you restart the app / refresh the companion, the variable myList will reset to an empty list.

Using the tinywebDB, you need to ensure that the variable myList is loaded with the list saved to the tinywebDB on initialisation:

Maybe a system issue. Have you tried restarting or re-logging in? (Link removed by mod)

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