Adding external libraries (.jar)

Hi there,
I’m currently working on an extension that uses some external libraries. I read this guide on adding external libraries but seems like it’s outdated since I read you saying that now we need to modify only the build.xml file in the components folder somewhere in the App Inventor’s Google groups. So now, I’m kinda confused. Can you please explain to me step by step what is the correct method is to add libraries?
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Hi @shreyash,

It’s correct that now you only need to modify a single build.xml file, specifically components/build.xml, to add a dependency. There is a target there called CopyComponentLibraries that copies all of the component dependencies to a single central folder that all other places in the code reference. This reduces the number of files that need to be edited to make things work.

I’ve updated the document you linked to reflect this.


Thanks a bunch for making it clear! :smiley:
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