Adding cloud db data

I want to add a data(number) from the clouddB to tinydB but how to place get clouddB .get value block in that adding place it wont fit like tinydB

You Can Learn From Here :

Can you tell how to add the clouddB blocks to the tiny dB.I didnt understand much from that article

You Can Understand If you follow what they teach one by one, if you don't try, you won't be able to understand anything. A knowledge can only be entered if there is effort.

I dont get it

I am new to using variables

It's because you use the same blocks

what is this error I am getting

Can you show all your blocks

these both

I dont know how to use instilize blocks i am new to this block

what is to be corrected to set value.text to the value in clouddB

Everything is correct, but the (X) is the problem

before this I used other instilize block is it a problem

Also this

please wait

First the listview.element was correct but when I added this pointstofunction block it also became wrong.Why what should I do

Why are you using 2 blocks.

you cannot use this block more than 1