Adding blocks. Shortcut

Hello. I would like to create 300 such blocks.

Can it be shortened?

The result in the label

Make a variable go into pozycja instead of hardcoding a value. Create another variable for the value in the list

Then create a loop where the blocks add themselves 300 times. After each addition increase the pozycja and list variable by 1.

I create but nothing comes out. I will clarify the question. The numbers in each block are closely related.

There can be only one, e.g. 10, or all from 1 to 300 in the list.

This is what @deanart2012 means to say :point_down:

Thanks for that, I was too lazy to do the blocks myself.

Thanks alot. I did it like this

...and it works. I will keep testing. This is a large project with many screens of several thousand blocks. I work alone, and my knowledge (as you can see) is minimal so far.

When you are stuck in a hole, stop digging.

At some point the compiler will start reporting an error DX. Then you will have to look for the possibility of reducing the app.