Adding a character or word after user input

I am trying to take in a user input on the MIT app inventor and sent to my HC-05 bluetooth module. After the user input, I want to have it where the MIT app inventor automatically adds "" after the user input. For instance, the user types in "Hello" and presses send. I would then when he presses send, the bluetooth module receives "Hello" instead of "Hello". This is my current block diagram and I'm not sure how else I can implement this onto it. I am not sure if my block diagram is correct, or incorrect. Can someone help me please and if so, show an example of it in the block diagram. Thank you!

(please note that OP meant they want to append an asterisk to the end of his text; discourse has italicized it since they've used it twice)

Your blocks seem perfectly fine. Perhaps the module somehow removes the asterisk, or interprets it as something else?

Nothing wrong with your Blocks aw1. The Asterisk is ASCII number 42, so it's identical in ASCII and UTF-8. If you are having difficulties, it could be at the microcontroller end (Arduino?). You can upload your Sketch/Script to this forum Topic by renaming the file extension to '.txt'.

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Input to get that uses: three (ASCII) Chars 96, character, word or script to be escaped, three (ASCII) Chars 96

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