Add two vectors and solve their equations

Hello, I want the line that Abi is in the picture as a summation.
I want the user to draw two lines in a map and return the sum of its coordinates to the user with the line on the map
And also give its coordinates, for example
[2; 2] + [3; -1] = [5; 1]

And so it is if, on the contrary, it gives the sum vector and wants to decompose it or return those two sum vectors. :pray: :pray: :pray: :sweat_smile:

And also if he solves such an equation, for example

2i + 3j -x = 4i + 5j
That is, return the value of x

do you mean a Map component or a Canvas or maybe the user writes the values ​​in the TextBox?
Start your app in the Design and show it in this topic.

Here is a fun fact about AI2 math blocks.
They can handle complex numbers like

set global i = sqrt(-1)
2 + (2*i) +
3 + (-1*i)
5 + 1i

Exactly the same only in the Inventor app and blocks as well as the value of x

I want to draw a line in a painting whose background is coordinates and on it .... things said

Nobody knows?

you didn't respond to this request to provide more information about what you are trying to ahcieve?