Add Thousand Separator and Decimal

Hi Community,
How do i add Thousand Separator and 2 Decimal to numbers ?
I can do it seperatly, but can't make it together.
Example : 1234.5, change to 1,234.50


One of many ways to do this:

Won't work if you enter 1234.0. More conditional blocks required for that.

Hi, your reply helps me opening my mind that i can think other methods, i will try and thank you very much !

Another way explained in Taifun's advice * A workaround for the decimal separator problem

You may also need a Math format as decimal number Block to ensure number of decimal places.

Thank You, will try to understand this extension :+1:

hi Anke, the blocks you gave me is very helpful, i can create my blocks now.
Thank You very much ! :+1:

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