Add soundeffects on the picture

It's like a picture gallery wherein when you click the next button, the next image shows up. Now, I've been thinking of making the images clickable and when that image is clicked, there would be a sound effect. There would be differrent sound effect for each image, is that possible? or do I need to use individual screens for that? If it is possible what do I need to add or do?

It is possible. You can make a list of sounds and display the different sounds depending on the image selected.

Can you elaborate how?

I tried this but it is not working.

Error 701: Unable to Load 8 would pop up

You have to do the same than with the other list:

User the counter to get the index of the list so, when the image1 is shown then the sound1 is played, when Image2, sound2... (I'm supposing this is what you want). And, if you want to display the sound when the image in clicked, set it like clickable and use the Image.Click event.

If you rename the mp3 files to the same as the picture files (front part only!), all you need do to get the sound file from the picture file is run it through a text replace block, replacing 'png' with 'mp3' (or whatever file types you are using.)

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