Add some Requirement to Login/Register Password

I want when i register a account it will ask the user to add numbers and add a symbol and a capital letter. How can i do this?

You could always give them a password generator....

(read the whole topic for ideas...)


2 ways. Either just put a label under the password in red text or something and have it say please add capitals and numbers to password or whatever you wany it to say. You could then either have this always show. Or you could hide it then call it visible when a condition is met.

E.g. when they click sign up button you could check through entered password and see if it contains any numbers or capital letters then if it does you allow them to sign up, if not then it sets the visibility of the label to true.

Or if you don't want to use a label you could do the same conditional statement when the button is pressed then call a short notifier to show your message.

Can you show me a block doing that please


that should explain it well. the create account part would be where you put whatever you want to run when they successfully create an account. if you want it to contain a symbol as well just repeat what i did with another section for checking if it contains a symbol.

You could also just put one loop into a procedure with an input to check e.g. input is capitals, numbers or symbols. then you wouldnt be repeating the code multiple times


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