Add numeric value to a letter


I want to take words from textbox, and have each of the letters on that word, sum each of the alphanumeric value + 30 (for example. )

Therefore, I will have like different Labels as follows:

Label 1 : AA = 1 1
Label 2: AA = 31 31
Label 3: AA = 61 61

And so on. I know it is something very easy, but I am really stuck on this one (too many hours working on the project)

This is what I am doing:

add some data validation before doing any calculation, see here


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Hello Taifun,

I really apologize to bother you with this topic, but I am unable to get what I need. I am really stuck with this one and I did not find an answer from the provided example.

Will appreciate any help with this.


The error is coming due to ur textbox is empty,so first make an if else statement to check is empty or not ,as said by @Taifun

Thank you for your replies.
This is the current situation.

So what I need is to sum 30 to each of the values it gives as result. That is, instead of receiving 1 1 , I need to have as output 31 31.

I tried to split the result, but it again results in 1 1 .

Thank you

I don't see how a dictionary would help you for this problem.

Here a value function you can try ...
ADD_TEST lists.aia (5.5 KB) NZ

I added the NZ function to make the PLUS procedure impervious to poisoning by non-numbers.