Add number of range

Hello, so currently I am doing on my project. May I know how can I switch to the "congrats" screen by using the range when total lives are at least 21 until 24? Here is my blocks


use the and block from the Logic drawer and in the if statement add another globallives < 24



Thanks. But how can I do it if the person gets 21 marks the questions will still go on until the last questions.For example, the total number of questions is 24, if the person gets 21 marks (means gets 3 wrongs) after answering all the questions then will show to the "congrats" screen. Then if the person gets 24 marks (all correct) then will also show to the "congrats" screen. Is it the same way to do it? Here are my blocksimage

Could you please export your .aia file and post it here?

It's ok now. I already found out how to do it. Thanks!!

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