Add New Custom YailType


YailType helps the developer to set the I/O type of method, property and variable return by the event is it possible to add custom YailType in the local copy of AppInventor?

after some research, I found that if we want to add a new YailType, we need to make some changes to certain fails like ...

    Add new YailType in javaTypeToYailType(String type)

  2. utilities.js
    Create unique object at seehere
    Update Blockly's convention

@ewpatton Can you please tell me this approach is right or it needs some modifications?

Thanks and Regards

Item 2a isn't really necessary in most cases. Please note that this doesn't work for extensions--any changes to the types in the language require modifying and deploying the core part of App Inventor.

There are also type checks that happen in runtime.scm that you'll need to familiarize yourself with, particularly regarding coercion to/from the new type. Take a look at the change that introduced dictionaries to see the amount of work that can end up going into supporting a new type.

@ewpatton thank you sir for your valuable complement.

are you pointing me here?

Yes that's correct.