Add multiple number values from firebase

Hi :wave:,
I recently started creating an app where people can login and earn points from solving questions. But the problem is that I add a numerical value to their username tag. Iā€™m having trouble with adding up multiple values on a specific tag. Please help me with this as soon as posible

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It would be helpful if you showed your relevant blocks and/or a screenshot of what you've done and what you need help with.

(inspired by @Taifun)

Also, do you have an account on Firebase (it's not free)?
If you don't, you might want to click here to see how to set up FirebaseDB and get started with using it.

I do have a firebase account


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Isn't Firebase pay-to-use like AWS? (sorry, I'm relatively new to Firebase :sweat_smile:)

The Spark plan gives you ample to play with for free until you scale up for world domination :hot_face:

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But Is there a way to add up values on a specific tag?

on Firebase or when you call the data back? You need to show us what your are doing, relevant blocks, firebase data layout (from console), so that we can help find your solution.

I mean like when you send multiple numerical data is it possible to add up all that data and show it on a label?

Yes, but it's tedious since you'll have to work with procedures :confused:
As a result of this, it may take more time.

Iā€™m fine with that

In what form are you sending a data? A list?

How do I do it though

I'll send the blocks. Meanwhile, please answer my previous question.

Iā€™m sending a points like ā€œ1ā€

You said multiple..?

Like I send the single digit data but I want to add all of them other single digits

Note: Where you put the call FireBaseDB1.GetValue block is your choice, but you have to put it inside an event for it to work.

Ok I will test out this code