Add item to list not doing what I want it to

I receive data from php with every timesheet entry per day in task/date sequence (9 tasks). However, some days there a specific task does not get performed, and other days, the same task may be performed more than once. When i have a day with no task, i correctly add 0 to list, and it appears. However, next to it there is another number (same column) but I can't see where it's coming from. Should I do the aggregation in php, which will simplify the blocks in ai2?

This is hard to debug without seeing the raw data that arrives in the Web component respoonseContent.

You can paste it into the board surrounded by triple backtick(`) lines to deactivate the html.

By the way, CSV is short for Comma Separated Values, and a CSV table has rows separated by \n (line feeds) and columns separated by commas (,). There exist list blocks for automatic conversion to and from csv lists and tables, if you can get clean csv text.