Add item in list problem

The program load the list "Contatti" with 2 entry like it should do.
But when I try to populate the phone number selecting only the first item of the "Contatti" list, phone number is populated with all the entries of the list.
any help?, kind regards

Maybe you are dealing with a list of lists. If this is the case use the following blocks else if this dowsn't work with you use Do it to debug your blocks and post a screenshot of the result of global contatti


thank you for the quick response, nope, the list is only one, and with now more information, the problem is the loading of the list: marker description is "number email", when I add that to the list i want it to populate the list with 2 entries, but with the "split at spaces" it still populate only 1 item (index) "number","email".

Please post how you set the description in markers

Mhhh not so easy, the description is syncronized with a google sheet

Each marker description is populated with a number a space and an email

Solved: do not use add items, instead use set to
still, thank you for the support

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