Add image to fire base

i want to make app restore data in fire base and return using Id like counter name
i want to store picture into firebase how can make this
and thank yo

Use Firebase Storage for binary images.

Alternatively, convert your image to a base64 string, then you can save this to the realtime database.

is there any code explain these ,or can you explain more

Search the community for base64, or look for extensions that convert binary images to base64 strings

Hi @Elham_Ali,
You can do this with FirebaseManager Extension
there is a sample that can help You

Ididn't understand which block should used

I make an application that links a donor and who needs help
I created two screens, the user is the person who upload the problem on firebase
anthor screen when donor clicks on the display data button to display a table of people who needs help
The problem I have is that I cannot upload the image and I cannot prepare the data in an organized way and retive data from firebase
iin this month i asked some question and you answer them but I tried to understand some of the answers but I did not understand
I know I have a problem but is there a solution can help me
thank you

this screen 2


this screen 3