Add excel equation to mit app inventor

hello i need help to add excel equation into my mit app inventor .this is the excel equation

thanks in advance for your help and support.

Use the Maths blocks to construct your formula, adding variables as required.

i tried hard to do it but always got wrong output could you help me in doing the right blocks for my equation

Hello Shehab

It would not be so different to the equation you have posted, except that C3 G3 etc would need to be the values or variable values.

I believe this does it


Just remember the order of operations in maths

  • solve any operations inside of parentheses or brackets
  • solve any exponents
  • solve all multiplication and division from left to right
  • solve all addition and subtraction from left to right

many thanks i will try and let you know the results

i understand the above instruction but i really couldn't apply your instruction on the equation using blocks

many thanks it works like charm