Add deep link support in app

You can read more here:


I think its still not possible in an extension to set the data elements dynamically, we have to compile everytime for every user

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In your readme you write:

In above case, your app will be triggered if user clicks a link which starts with either deepLink://Screen1 or .
First one is called uri link and latter is url link.If you want to remove support of anyone from your app then simply comment(add // before line) and that compiler will ignore that line.

But my understanding is that the data elements are combined as a cross product, so you will actually get 4 valid URIs, including deepLink:// and https://Screen1.

See the discussion at the end of Add intent filters for incoming links in the Android docs.


That's why I have published the source code instead of extension so anyone can modify it according to needs.

I missed that.
I have only tested with URL and uri and both worked fine so I thought that it only works for them.
I'll check them also and add to readme after testing.

Thank you @Souvik_Bera and @ewpatton for your precious replies. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow :heart_eyes:
It works.

Thank you :hugs:

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Now it is possible to get aix file with the desired deep link(s) without compiling extension everytime.


Hi mr vknow
is there a way to send parameter in the link and retrieve it in the app

Can you show an example?

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What is schema and host ??

Scheme: https

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If I'm not wrong then your url is in this format


Everytime I download the extension is there any difference because I think the code is not compiled


That website just edits some json files.

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i am not able to use your extension.......and it doesnt worked for should be crystal clear in steps for me to understand. pls can you either explain it step wise or create an aia for me with i want to open any url containing

this ( is the address that i want to use as a deep link......and can u also create a custom link like myandrotribe. that will open the app without user prompt and will load in the app.

plz plz i m in trouble for many months and not able to success over it. thanks.

Hi @Lakshya_Pratap Welcome to the Community

Can you elaborate more?

Use this website:

actually i dont know how to use it in my app...i imported it as extension but what is to do next...i mean in the kodular creator

Screen1 will be opened with url as start value.

can u share screenshot

scheme: https

Also check:

Did you try to open url directly in browser? Which browser?