Add credits to developer in your App

I would like to know if there's any standard way in AppInventor to show credits (name of developer of the App, name of developers of extensións used in your Apps, etc.) inside your own app

The About attribute in Screen1 is a good place for that.

The Gallery provides places for that too.

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... you can also have a dedicated screen for that. Don't forget to credit suppliers of media items too.

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Thanks, I didn't know about this. But how can you show the AboutScreen contents once you have started the app? As far as I understood, it should be accessible via the Menu button of the device.
Which one is the "menu button? I haven't succeeded to show the about screen so far.

And what do you witn with "The Gallery"? is that a component available in the palette?

you could have a button on the main screen of the app, or you could add an easter egg.

There used to be a little run-time preamble that would pop up before showing Screen1, with a Menu button showing the MIT copyright and the contents of Screen1.AboutScreen, but that seems to fallen by the wayside. No one missed it.

I also don't see any sign of a System Menu in my Android 11 phone.

I checked my Android 11 Settings->apps section to see if it had any metadata about apps where it could hang app attributes like Screen1.AboutScreen, but came up empty.

So it looks like it's entirely up to you to provide the means to show About information, typically by coding

  • a Notifier
  • a button btnAbout
  • a hidden lblAbout Label
  • whatever else you can think of.
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Above is true for classic theme, but for device default theme, if you have the Title visible, the three dot menu provides access to the About Screen

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Look in the AI2 Designer screen for a button named "Login to Gallery".

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I thougt you were referring to a Gallery element in the palette!
Thanks for your tip. I'm having a look right now. If you could point me to a specific project in the gallery that makes a good treatmen of author rights and licences, I would be very grateful.

The Gallery isn't heavy on legaleze, mostly on giving credit where credit is due, since it's academic.

A sample: