add arduino sensor data into list and split it using [,]

Hello guys,

i am able to read the data from Teensy 3.2 using app inventor.

what i wanted to do now is convert the sensor data from string to “list” (is this a good way or is there any better ways?)
so that i can split the sensor data using (,)
(i want to push those data to firebase)

i have tried couple ways but it still doesnt work.

can anyone of you help me out ?;topic=667585.0;attach=348607;topic=667585.0;attach=348609

thanks a lot.

Where did you find this block?

String Value Changed

It’s not documented at

StringValueChanged block was in an old version of BLE extension (Version 2):!topic/mitappinventortest/1f8dWxE_G8Q

“Documentation of the newer blocks can be found on our IOT website.”

yes this is the old version of BluetoothBLE.
assume this is the StringsReceived and i got my uuids set up.
how could i solve the problem ?

Start with solutions at the FAQ Section: BlueTooth/BLE nb158 and later