Add appointments in a calendar

I have loaded a calendar into my app (!category-topic/app-inventor-developers-library/PFYeqN1VTq8)

I need help because I want to add appointments, for example a visit to the doctor (at the date selected previously, at an hour).

Thank you.


That’s a pretty old sample, 5 years old, and it does not have storage of even daily appointments.

Here is a daily appointment calendar, with one appointment per day …

To add multiple appointments per day, you would have to do a bit of work …

  • change the 42 buttons to 42 List Pickers
  • change the storage from one item per day in TinyDB to one list per day in TinyDB, each item in the list an hourly appointment slot.

That’s the ambitious approach.

For the lazy approach, keep just a multiple line paragraph of text for each date in TinyDB, one line per appointment, separated by \n.

Good day, can you further clear up how can we implement multi appointments per date through illustrating with blocks? A reply soon would be very appreciated and by the way thank you sir for the documentation you have shared.

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This is the easy way.....

I mean what block of code could that be implemented? On the Save button block?
Screenshot (11)
Or on the get date method block?
Screenshot (10)