Add all the hours in the list

I need to add all the content of the list in this case there are only 3 items but it may vary

That is why I cannot separate them to add item by item.

I need to add everything up without needing to know how many items I have

should get


some example?

Why not ?

So you are adding hours, minutes, and seconds.

You need Clock math.

Turn each hh:dd:ss item into a number of seconds and add those up.
Then turn the resulting large number of seconds back into hh:mm:ss for display.

the number of items varies
I can have 3 or 20 or 80
It has a lot to do with the visits that are variable

Shouldn't make any difference, you have each time in a list, do as @ABG suggests.

To add it up I would have to separate this by item


would this be the way?

lavel1 + lavel2 + lavel3

or is there a shorter one

It seems very extensive to me to separate the list values ​​by item.

If I have 80 items I would have to put 80 labels

Why would you need all those labels?

Do the work of splitting each time in the background using blocks, then just return the result when you calculations are complete, one label.

time_conversions.aia (3.5 KB)

I like small reusable parts.

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thank you

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