Add a lot of Markers at Map

How i can add markers into map when i read latitude and longitude from url API. What is the block for add makers ?


Add at least one design time marker to your map.

Then you get the blocks to add additional markers at runtime.

Save these runtime markers to a list so that you can access them.

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You are asking about run time Markers (versus Design time Markers) so you need the CreateMarker Block.

See the documentation > Map components


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the MIT Map component to display a large number of run time location Markers, calculate the distance from the Android device to all the displayed locations and display that information

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Thank's Steve,
I understand how add the points at list with Map1.CreateMrker, But how i add the list points to he map1. I can't see the block for this.

Can help me ?

When a developer uses run time Markers (which is what happens when he/she uses the CreateMarker Block and he/she has a Map control on his/her Screen) the placement of the marker appears instantly. once the CreateMarker 'creates a marker. How this is implemented is up to the developer; usually by using a for each number Block. There are literally dozens of ways to do this

This simple example posts two markers from a fixed List. It pans to them and ensures the Button that creates them only runs once. The National Park Tutorial posts several dozen markers and could literally post 100's. :wink: