Adaptive icon support

Is it possible to make an app inventor app have an adaptive icon? Will one be made if I upload a sqaure icon? Can I sepcify adaptive and legacy icons separately?

see here

  • Adaptive icons: Specify an app icon of up to 512x512 and the build server will generate icons for every available icon size needed by Android.

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I did and did not see that. It does not come up in a search for "adaptive icons". That post is also not clear as to how the adaptive icons will be generated. Do we need to upload icons with the extra padding? Can we choose both layers?

Bumping because I still need answers. App inventor seems to add a transparent border about ImageWidth*0.195 wide around the edges of the icon, as you can see when dragging it around. (This behavior is launcher-dependent.)

An image of an app icon with a large transparent border

Can we please have the ability to make an actual adaptive icon? One easy way to do that would be to add a checkbox to the screen options marked "Icon is an adaptive icon" that would make App Inventor not add padding and use the icon as-is.