ActivityStarter with Results need help


I am trying to use a Activity Starter to open a barcode reader app. And it works until the point of get the result.

Someone can help me please

This is the link of the documentation

I am try to use the device software that performs a lot better than the barcode reader from the app inventor.

This are the blocks that i am using

But in the result doesnt appear anything

And i dont even know if is possible get the result for the appinventor

Also sorry but english is not my first languague, so i think i have a lot of grammar mistakes, i hope i explain my self about my dude

Thanks for your time
Have a nice day

Why not just set UseExternalScanner to true?

Hello Ken

Already try that option, but it open the same app, the appinventor default, with less options and a rotate view of the scanner. actually its more difficult to use it and focus the codebar, because the orientation of the preview has rotation.

I also think that it give you the option to choose what app you want to use.

The way that i try allows open the other app, perform the scan and close the app, but i can’t get the result value from the scan.

The Block ActivityStarter.AfterActivity, return a empty string or ‘nothing’, i don’t remember exactly, but any value is obtained.

Thanks KEN

Maybe this will work:?

Sorry I missed this.

Yes already try that.

Thanks Ken

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