ActivityStarter is not registering the start time of a Google calendar event

Hi All,
I have written the following code in ActivityStarter.

The event name etc are getting passed to the Google Calendar correctly, but the begin/ end time is taken as the Current timestamp.
I have checked that global endtime and global begin time are getting set to the correct values but it is not getting passed to calendar.
Please help to fix this.

Did you get the modified activitystarter extension from this topic?

Consider an alternative route:

  1. Build calendar event in app
  2. Send data to a google apps script web app, owned by the owner of the calendar
  3. The web app should be designed to create the calendar event

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Hi Peter,
In the new extension, we have passed the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss. Is this format accepted ?
The calendar shows the date as 3rd July 2023 when we are trying to pass 31st March 2021.
Also in the Calendar event Title can we embed a link / action to launch our own app ?


Is there any extension available for this code ?

Short answer: There is not an extension.

Long answer: There is not an extension....why not?

  • an extension is not needed because it is possible to do everything you need to do using App Inventor blocks and google apps script. By combining the capabilities of these two platforms you are able to achieve your objective of creating an event in a google calendar. You will also learn how to use App Inventor blocks and google apps scripting along the way, instead of expecting someone, even if it were possible, to create an extension to do it. Take the opportunity to learn....

We updated the code to pass begin time as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss. Now if I pass the value "03/31/2021 09:00:00" as a hardcoded string the date / time is passed correctly to calendar. However if we pass the value using a variable the date gets messed up, even though the variable value is same as the string above.

Can you post an aia that shows that behavior?

Here is the aia file of my project:
HappyBirthday.aia (1.0 MB)

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where aix file

Taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


You are using Kodular, please ask on the Kodular community. Closing

I'm having an issue on App Inventor 2 with the native Activity Starter and the Activity Starter extension from pepemont.
When I try to insert an event to the calendar app using AI2 native Activity Starter, the dates and times for that event are ignored (all the other event elements are passed OK to the calendar app, but even if the event is in a future date/time, the calendar takes the current date/time).

If I use the Activity Starter extension from pepemont instead, passing exactly the same parameters, it works perfect (all the event elements including the date and time are passed OK to the calendar app), but my app shows the following error:

Runtime Error
No virtual method getOpenAnimType()Ljava/lang/String; in class Lcom/google/appinventor/components/runtime/Form; or its super classes (declaration of ‘’ appears in base.apk)

The following blocks show a simple example app that has just two buttons. When clicking on the first one, the native Activity Starter is used to insert a calendar event into the default calendar app. No errors are shown but the date and time of the event are not passed to the calendar (it takes the current date / time instead, ignoring the date and time that are passed in the arguments).

When clicking on the second button, the Activity Starter Extension indicated above is used to insert a calendar event into the default calendar app. Now all the arguments, particularly the calendar event date and time, are passed OK to the default calendar app, but the error indicated above is displayed.

So the extension solves the date/time issue but introduces a runtime error:

This is the error as it appears in the app:

The project (.aia file) can be found here

What can be done to avoid the app to show that error?

Thanks and best regards.

see my answer here


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