ActivityStarter google drive

Hi what is the ActivityClass and the ActivityPackage with Google drive and what is the google ActivityClass...(,,)

Can you access a Google Drive with Activity Starter? What about Username and password?

You can do it with the web function - what does your App need to do with Google Drive?


There are a number of Guides about Google Drive in the Tutorials and Guides section:

This is useful:

I just want you to open the drive and a link through which you can download the update

There is a Tutorial on that exact subject Gergo.

I known but I need the Drive ActivityClass and ActivityPackage
Please just send me

It won't be possible, because the user needs to be signed into their google account to access Google Drive.

This might help:

Thank you, but I would like to try, please send the ActivityClass and ActivityPackage of the drive

So far as we know Gergo, there is no such Class or Package that can work for User Access on a Google Drive that is not theirs.



Replace Upload with Download?

Activity Starter takes the App User away from the App, whereas you can achieve your requirement in-App with the 'Web' functions.

Thanks I try

I'll say it again because it's not good, I just want it to open driv/google using a link

And for this I need the ActivityClass ActivityPackage

Please explain, in detail, why you need to access google drive, and which person's google drive (yours - the developer, or the users, or another ?) and what you want to do once you can access the google drive?

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They need to be able to download the update. The activation launcher opens the link and you can download the update (the link is preloaded)

I don't want to access it, I just want to open a link (folder) on it

update of what ? apk ?

You can download the "update" by providing the web component with the url


Just tell me what is the drive and the google ActivityClass ActivityPackage

Why not just provide the url for the web component? Direct access to your google drive (which means signing in as "you") for all your users is not a good plan.

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Sorry Gergo but you are not listening to the help being offered, just rudely demanding something you can't have. . I'm closing this Topic.